Anyone who is going to settle in the Netherlands must first arrange a number of practical matters. Find a house, register in a municipality, open a bank account, and take care of the Internet.

We are here to help you with this. We work primarily in the region of Greater Amsterdam. This includes, Buitenveldert, Amstelveen, Badhoevedorp, Diemen, Schiphol, Ouderkerk a/d Amstel, Bijlmer, Aalsmeer, Weesp, Duivendrecht and Mijdrecht. This is where the vast majority of Expats live. In total approximately 200,000 households.

Amsterdam is one of the top 5 nicest cities to live in. Millions of people live in most of the world’s cities. Not in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam region has 1.4 million inhabitants. Public transport is well organised. Schiphol airport is nearby. There are plenty of fun things to do. Fine health care and good schools. And almost everyone speaks English.

Although everything is well organised in Amsterdam, it is nice to get some help from “locals”. People who were born in Amsterdam or who have lived there for a long time. People who were once expats themselves and are now available to show you the way.

This is Groot Amsterdam.


Originated in 1345
Now 1.395.000 inhabitants
180 nationalities
165 canals
1241 bridges
1,6 million bicycles


Just like in other world cities, it is very difficult to find living space in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. Yet we always succeed in finding a nice home for our clients. That in terms of location, accessibility, prosperity, safety, and range of shops that are suitable. Many of these houses we manage ourselves. This allows us to provide 24/7 service.

Expats are increasingly buying houses in and around Amsterdam. Not a bad decision because the value of houses here have risen by approximately 15% for years. With this comes that Dutch houses are of a good quality.

There are also Expats who want to rent out their house in Amsterdam over a period of time because they are moving to another country. They then ask us to manage and rent out their house. We gladly to this and are very good at it.



Register in the municipality where you want to live or are going to live.

Register in the municipality where you want to live.
You must provide what your residential address will be.
You therefore need a provisional rental or purpose agreement.
Then you can apply for a residence permit.
You will then be registered in the Personal Records Database (BPR) and you will receive a tax number (BSN).

Open a bank account.

Not all banks are eager for new customers.
But others have a special Expat desk.

Sign up with Utilities such as Water Supply, Energy Supplier, Internet Provider.

In Amsterdam you cannot go to one counter where
everything can be arranged.
And, as in many countries, there is a shortage of personnel. Therofre, it takes some pulling and pushing to get everything arranged quickly.

We help you with this.


Register with GP and Dentist.

There are clear rules for this in the Amsterdam region.

Take out insurance.

Medical expenses, Liability insurance,
Home Contents insurance, and so on.

Do you have children…

We help you find a suitable school and possibly join a sports club.

Tax advice.

The Netherlands gives expats a number of tax benefits. For example, there is the 30% rule. This one is still valid but is under review.

Import cars.

You are not allowed to drive in the Netherlands with a car that has a foreign registration number if you live in the Netherlands and are registered in the Basic Registration of Persons.
If you take your car with you, it must immediately be provided with a Dutch registration number.
Your driving license must also be exchanged for a Dutch one.

We also help you with this.


Amsterdam is a popular location for companies.

This has to do with a large number of factors. What particularly appeals is the small scale of the Amsterdam region, the infrastructure and language skills. There are also plenty of companies that offer 24/7 hours service. It is not for nothing that countless world players established their headquarters in the Netherlands.

It is wise to engage us to find a business space that suits you, your business and with your customers.

In this we do not limit ourselves to the Amsterdam region.

We can also assist you in finding suitable personal.

But beware, Dutch legislation protects the interest of employees very well. A lot better than in other European countries.

this is how we are organized


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